Shredders & Precomposters

The compost bin is used to convert the solid food waste into useful organic compost.


Greenrich Shredders and Precomposters are ideal solution for Societies, Individual, Farmhouses, Hotels, institutions, etc

Greenrich Shredders can shred ALL types of organic waste including Coconuts, Bones, garden waste, cooked food waste, Market vegetable waste hence it is the best low-cost solution for one stop shredding. Pre shredding of all type of organic waste proves effective for faster composting in MYGREENBINS.

For huge tons of waste, Greenrich Pre-composter can be used that shreds the organic matter to smaller chunks and squeezes out the liquid which is a unique solution for Composting the Bio degradable waste in a shorter duration.

How It Works?!

Green Rich Shredder reduces bigger chunks of waste to smaller scraps.

The Green Rich Pre-composter reduces bigger chunks of waste to smaller scraps & also squeezes the waste separating the liquid and solid.

The waste from the Pre-composter / shredder is then transferred to the Bulk Digestor where it is layered with the microbes in a sandwich process and left to compost for 20 days. For every 3” waste ½cm microbes are added. Greenrich Microbes is an ideal aerobic composting system developed with lignocellulolytic microorganisms. The waste disintegrates into uniform particles along with the microbes into healthy nutrient rich organic manure.

Why Us!

Greenrich Group is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalizing their experiences, to providing a sustainable environment, and to making a difference

Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we are constantly striving to provide solutions, even for issues they aren’t yet aware of. To this end, we adopt a progressive approach to right technology and marketing techniques.

Greenrich Shredders have been customized keeping in mind all the waste generated through different sources. We have shredders to chop/shred the Organic Waste, Leaf / Garden Waste, Slaughter & Poultry House Waste, Plastic Waste and MSW Waste.

5HP Twin shaft shredder

3HP Twin shaft shredder

3HP Single Shaft Rotary Shredder


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