The compost bin is used to convert the solid food waste into useful organic compost.


My Green Bin Microbes is an aerobic composting agent developed from ligno-cellular lytic Organisms. The microbes can be added on the domestic organic kitchen wastes like food, meat, fish, vegetable and fruit waste. The microbes will decompose the waste aerobically in few days’ time into high nutrient organic planting media and manure.

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Greenrich Microbes have been customized keeping in mind all the waste generated through different sources. We have cultures to digest the Food Waste, Leaf / Garden Waste, Slaughter and Poultry House Waste.

Aerobic Microbes for Food Waste

Aerobic Microbes for Leaf / Garden Waste

Aerobic Liquid Microbes for Garden Waste

Aerobic Microbes for Slaughter & Poultry House

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