As a world wide distributor of solar supplies we endeavor provide fast and knowledgeable service, we can get all the materials you need by sea or air.

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    We take great pride in everything that we do, control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality service.

    Our Waste Our Responsibility..!

    By converting the kitchen waste into compost – also called as Black Gold. We are feeding the soil with rich nutrients instead of landfill, thereby playing vital role in the environment. Lets join together and Create ” Clean India and Green India”.           

    The 2nd green revolution starts with us…go green..

    Adds nutrients to the soil. Compost is humus—nutrient-rich soil. Introduces valuable organisms to the soil. Microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and protozoa, decompose organic material. Recycles kitchen and yard waste. Reduces landfill waste. Good for the environment..!